Do You See It Yet?

 Do you see it yet? If you can see it you can feel it. If you have a thorn in your side, God is still able to move in your life! When Jesus sees an opportunity to give spiritual sight, he makes it happen. God is about to work a miracle for you just like He did for the people who had not eaten in 3 days in the book of Mark. Jesus fed more than four thousand people. All the people that ate were satisfied. If He did it for them, imagine what He will do for you. God is restoring those who truly need a miracle. The book of Mark demonstrated a number of miracles, but one that currently stands out is when Jesus healed the blind man. In this process, Jesus strategically used one eye at a time. Our God doesn’t partially heal. Once He delivers you, you are truly set free! God is allowing us to be tested to see how bad we really want it. Look up, look to the hills! We all could use a touch of something more from our heavenly father. Don’t let anyone stop you from praising and lifting God higher because they are uncomfortable. We have to realize that if The Lord is not able to work out certain situations, then no one else can. It’s important to trust in Him. Our God is extending the invitation to take us higher. Can you see what I see? Don’t give up! You still have time. Mark 8:23 “So Jesus took the blind mans hand & led him out of the village.” God is positioning you where you can see it! He will let you see what He’s up to. God is pulling you again! He is not only pulling you out of something, He’s pulling you into something. If you can feel it, you’re closer than you think.

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