Your Next Move Is Your Best Move

This next move that you’re getting ready to make, will be the best move. Our father wants you to have a fulfilled life. The best is yet to come! 

   We have to recognize God for who He really is! He is the master provider! God will hear your cry & search for you. If you are lost, God will come to find you. He knows exactly where you are in your life and wants to rescue you. 
    Whenever you step out with faith, God follows you everywhere you go. With God, you are successful in everything you do. No evil thing can hold you back. Whenever you are in the place of God, it is hard to make a bad decision. 
   If we take care of our character and what God has assigned for us, everything else falls into place. Whatever you do for the Lord, He will honor. The great Yahweh promised that He would not leave us, nor forsake us as orphans. 
   Our father is seeking the faithful. When you really need something from God, it is okay to go against the norms, by going the extra mile. We all want to impress God. He’s about to stir up some things & take your anointing to another level. 
   On your journey to success, you will sometimes have to stray away from people. It is important to break away from those who don’t see your vision. You need genuine supporters around at all times. 
   Many of us have been rejected because of our peculiar character. People look at the outer appearance, but God sees the heart. You have something greater on the inside of you than the outside. There is more on the inside of you that God wants to bring to life! 
   Where we are in our lives, it is time to make a smart move. Sometimes we have to make hard decisions and weather  the storm. Just stand, your next move will be your best move!