Make Something Happen!

  When a man walks in authority, he’s walking in his power. If God has allowed them to have breath in their body, then there is still more work for them to do. A good man knows that they have to build their resume with something before they stand before God. 
    It’s grinding time! God is calling all of us to our work stations. We must work while it’s day! Don’t let the windows close. Seize the opportunities! 

      A good name is more precious than rubies. Just because someone has a good title, doesn’t mean that they have a good name. Does your character compliment your title?
      God wants us to fix our hearts so he can fulfill us with spiritual impartation. Something good is about to happen in the spiritual realm, but we must be obedient. God wants to prepare you! It’s time to get on board and take your post! 
    Having a good name has nothing to do with the name of their title. In some cases, one might have a grand position and have poor character. You can tell a tree by the fruit that it bears. How is your relationship with God? Your private moments with your Heavenly Father will give you public success. 
    Don’t just wear Jesus’ name, wear his works. He is going to allow his children to do greater works than he did in all of his 33 years. He has given them the power to release some positive things over people’s lives and it will come to pass. 
    Why is there an increasing number of selfish Christians? The church should be known for it’s love and kindness.  It is important that God’s people know how to be a blessing to others. Character matters. 
    Don’t let the enemy talk you out of paying it forward to others. It’s not mandatory to only help people you know. It is time for us to introduce people to the love that Jesus extended to us. 
    God gave every man life according to his work. What reward will we get if we haven’t done any work? Our Heavenly Father is interrupting our regular patterns and calling us back into position. Some people can’t go higher in God until they have released what has been put inside of their bellies. Quitting is not an option. Let’s make something happen! 

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